Cryogenics Insulation

Expanded perlite is an excellent insulator for low or very low temperature cryogenic systems. It is widely used in LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) isolation tanks, noble gas tanks, oxygen, nitrogen, argon etc. in cryogenic state.

In co-operation and technical guidance with PerlIndustria, a subsidiary of Grupo PV (Spain), we also provide for the Oil and Gas industry.  Grupo PV are a group of companies that began working in the world of perlite and vermiculite in 1976, and then with natural insulation products for over 35 years.

The scope of works includes:

  • The supply and installation of cryogenic perlite in LNG tanks
  • Perlite works in LNG tanks, perlite removal from cryogenic facilities
  • Perlite installation in cold boxes and oxygen, nitrogen and argon tanks
  • Cold Box Emptying

PerlIndustria Cryogenics Department:


Ir. Yogi Wong, Technical Director
Phone: +603 2284 1019