Operational Licenses

General Civil Engineering Works

Bridges, Jetty & Marine Structures

Water Retaining Structures

Sewerage System


Hydraulic Structure


Power Conduits

Power Houses

Laying Duct and Construction for Joint Boxes and/or Manholes for Telephone Network

Building Works Excluding Reinforced Concrete Works

Reinforced Concrete Framed Building not Exceeding Four Storey Height

Reinforced Concrete Framed Building Exceeding Four Storey Height

Steel Framed Buildings

Parquet and Wood Block Flooring

Other Floor and Wall Finishes

Maintenance of Sanitary Systems

Repainting and General Repairs of Building

020101 Perabot (Pembekal)

030100 Alat Dan Sistem Pencegah Api (Pembekal)

140100 Bahan Binaan (Pembekal)

220103 Alat Kebombaan/Pemadam Api (Perkhidmatan)

220501 Kontrak Buruh (Perkhidmatan)

220801 Hiasan Dalam (Perkhidmatan)

220802 Bangunan (Perkhidmatan)